Collection: IDMC 2018

IDMC 2018 | Faith & Fire

“Faith and Fire — Living from the Inside Out” seeks exactly to do that. It seeks to explore the terrains of the inner life and to bring forth discipleship from the inside out:

  • Redeeming Our Inner Compulsions. It examines our passions — what drives us in life.
  • Re-Anchoring Our Inner Convictions. These are convictions based on our core belief systems anchored upon the Word of God.
  • Re-Framing Our Inner Conscience. Conscience is a God-given faculty for humanity. What we need to do is to allow it to be tender before God that we may redemptively walk the journey of discipleship.
  • Re-Calibrating Our Inner Compass. We need a sense of destiny to have a sense of direction in life.
  • Restoring Our Spiritual Composure. It is a sense of restedness as we walk with Jesus.
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